This blog has been started in September 2019 by group of already grey haired experts with various backgrounds such as economy, finance, history and technology with real life experience in these fields. As some of the information published here are sensitive in nature all the posts are listed under an alias of “SantaTeam”.

Why Bother Reading Another Blog?

Most of us have a university degree and good portion of us have it in economics. Yet when we think what we learned in those classrooms back then it’s appalling especially regarding money and economics.

Even today (September 2019) the situation is not better and average person is sadly unprepared for what is about to come. We decided to change this and by writing posts on this blog about past and current events we want to educate public so they can avoid at least the biggest mistakes and hopefully even prosper.

When we look around most people do not care about their future prospects and they usually just “shrug it off” as it’s something they will deal with later. But you know what they say – the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today. If you start reading our blog today we give you our word that we will not waste your time.

No Ads, No Nonsense

This blog will never have any ads that shall slow down your computer or mobile (no nonsense), apart from faster loading it also means that we don’t owe any 3rd party anything. The way this blog is going to be financed is through crowdsourced questions and individually answered questions.

Today’s Economy

Today’s economy and its markets are heavily distorted – everyone is trying to get free stuff for nothing. It’s not just about direct handouts such as unemployment support but it’s more about the massive subsidies and when we say massive we mean that the unemployment handouts pale when compared to what is distributed through subsidies and protected markets.

These protected markets – the monopolies and the pretended-not-to-be monopolies which are actually monopolies are cornering markets and limiting competition. Remember the 2012 Apple’s patent to rectangle shape with round corners^? Now everyone in the tech industry is at mercy of courts around the World for making devices of rectangle shape. Isn’t this crazy?

We at SantaTeam believe that the only way forward is to get rid of this nonsense and let the free markets truly prevail. Sadly this will probably not happen anytime soon but you can still navigate the swamp and hopefully gain an edge here and there.

Why The Name “Santa Economy”?

The reason why this blog was setup under name “Santa Economy” is because Santa Claus is during Xmas handing out free gifts to good behaving kids. Anything free is not really free and somebody else has to pay for it and in most cases it is the taxpayer…